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The lawyers at Myers Weinberg LLP provide legal service to clients in most areas of the law. Some legal services are available in additional languages, including French and Portuguese.

Labour Law

A cornerstone of the firm's practice is labour law, where Myers Weinberg's lawyers represent unions, associations, and their members in all aspects of their dealings with employers, making Myers Weinberg the firm of first choice for most unions and associations in Manitoba. Myers Weinberg hosts an annual 2-day conference, the Mel Myers Labour Conference, which addresses issues of interest to unions. We also provide smaller educational seminars to unions several times a year.

Child Protection

Myers Weinberg LLP provides expert advice, assistance, and litigation experience to several Aboriginal Child and Family Service Agencies in Manitoba and Ontario. We are proud of the relationship we have developed with our Aboriginal Child and Family Service Agency clients and are committed to the protection of children and strengthening families and communities through culturally appropriate supports and services. 

Aboriginal Law

Lawyers in the Aboriginal law department are experienced in representing first nations in a variety of matters including land claims, flood claims, negotiations with government, and developing partnerships with industry for natural resource development.

Real Estate – (Residential and Commercial)

The business and real estate lawyers in the firm have successfully represented individuals, corporations, businesses of all sizes, and financial institutions in purchases and acquisitions, sales, financing, mortgages and foreclosures. Clients seeking advice on franchising, trademarks and patents often turn to Myers Weinberg because of the firm's highly regarded expertise in these areas.

Civil Litigation

The civil litigation lawyers have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful dismissal, contract disputes and insurance cases. Lawyers in the litigation department at Myers Weinberg regularly appear in all levels of court and before administrative tribunals, representing clients in law suits, criminal matters, and family law cases.

Criminal Law

The criminal law department is well known and highly regarded for its lawyers' skilled defence of the rights of persons who are accused of crime.

Family Law

The family law lawyers at the firm are experienced advocates who appreciate the sensitive nature of clients' concerns when dealing with family law matters, both inside and outside of court.

Myers Weinberg is one of the Canadian Bar Association's Universal firms (all lawyers are members of the Canadian and Manitoba Bar Associations). Many of the firm's members are actively involved with the Manitoba Bar Association, and four past MBA Presidents (Jeff Harris, Rocky Pollack ,Garth Smorang and Josh Weinstein) are or have been members of the firm. Many of the firm's lawyers are also actively involved with the Law Society of Manitoba, including a past president of the Law Society (Garth Smorang). Current and past members of the firm have also served as life benchers of the Law Society (Garth Smorang, Rocky Pollack and Hymie Weinstein). Many members are also involved in pro bono work, and John Harvie is a past recipient of the Manitoba Bar Association's annual Pro Bono Award.

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