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Civil Litigation

The lawyers of our civil litigation department have extensive experience in providing a full range of litigation services. We provide skilled professional counsel and experience in all aspects of civil and administrative litigation from pre-trial matters through to trial and appeal proceedings. We have appeared before all levels of Manitoba Courts, both the Federal Court of Canada and Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. We have also appeared at disciplinary hearings, before various municipal, provincial and federal administrative tribunals and regulatory bodies, and in judicial review proceedings.

We provide a broad range of litigation services which include services relating to corporate, commercial, partnership, construction, environmental, estate and human rights issues, privacy issues, contractual disputes, debt collection, injunctions, medical malpractice and other professional negligence, employment issues such as wrongful dismissal and benefits claims, products liability, personal injury and insurance law matters. Our lawyers also have experience in mediations, arbitrations, and other negotiation and alternate dispute resolution methods.

Members of our labour department also represent individual non-unionized employees in actions for wrongful dismissal and complaints related to employment standards as well as reviews of employment contracts and negotiations with their employers. In addition to providing legal services, our labour department works with unions, their executives and shop stewards to assist them in developing their knowledge of labour issues and to ensure they are kept current respecting the constant and ongoing changes which impact today's workplaces. To that end, we organize and host the annual Mel Myers Labour Conference.

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